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Oxford Symposium on Employee Ownership

EOF Sponsors Prestigious Oxford Symposium This year the Employee Ownership Foundation stepped onto the international stage as the leading sponsor of the 7th annual Oxford Symposium on Employee Ownership, held at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Attendees explored many topics related to the establishment, operation, sustainability, and expansion of employee-owned firms with a special focus on the emerging UK “Employee Ownership Trust” model and the U.S. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) model.


ESOPs Help Reduce Wealth Inequality

ESOPs are helping to narrow the wealth inequality gap, according to a new Aspen Institute report that draws on multiple studies funded by the Employee Ownership Foundation, and an October 2020 roundtable discussion featuring researchers, philanthropic leaders, investors, policy experts, and others.

That is the good news. The more sobering news is that a lot of work remains to be done to close the wealth inequality gap—even among ESOP companies.


Meet Colin Birkhead, 2021 Kelso Fellow

In February, Colin Birkhead, the 2021 Kelso Fellow, chatted on the phone with Paul Pflieger, The ESOP Association's Deputy Director of Communications. What follows is an excerpt of that conversation.

Kelso Fellowships are funded by the Employee Ownership Foundation and are awarded to academics dedicated to studying employee ownership.


The History of Employee Ownership

Enabling employees to earn and hold a stake in the company where they work has been a central element of the American economy for more than 200 years.


Alignment: The Power of Employee Ownership

Employee ownership has the power to do something business leaders and management professionals have sought for many years: tightly aligning the interests of employees with those of the business.


Employee Ownership Is Capitalism—Just a Better Version

While it typically comes at no cost to employees, employee ownership is not a handout. It is way to share the rewards of capitalism with those who help companies succeed.

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