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Missouri Governor Mike Parson Signs Legislation Extending ESOP Tax Deduction

Pictured with Governor Parson (from left to right) are representatives of two employee-owned companies – Louis Landwehr, Winter-Dent & Company, and Doyle Edwards, Brewer Science – along with Trevor Monnig, president of the Heart of America Chapter of The ESOP Association.

Exciting news for ESOPs in Missouri! The announcement below, from September 6, is from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce:


ESOPs and Retiree Wealth: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study

Key Findings

  • Depending on the wealth measure considered, the estimates suggest that ESOP participants have about double the retirement wealth of otherwise similar non- ESOP individuals.
  • The results are broadly similar even when the sample was subdivided by retiree age.
  • ESOP wealth is somewhat more equally distributed among ESOP vs. non-ESOP participants.

Have you wondered what impact ESOPs have on wealth in retirement?

Do ESOPs influence wealth inequality among retirees?



ESOPATHON is an employee ownership engagement and fundraising program for the Employee Ownership Foundation, held annually each fall through October’s Employee Ownership Month. 2023 marks the third annual ESOPATHON and each year your effort has grown – and we hope this year is the best yet!


Employee Ownership Foundation Once Again a Main Sponsor of Oxford Symposium on Employee Ownership

For the second consecutive year, the Employee Ownership Foundation was proud to be a main sponsor of this important gathering to explore obstacles and opportunities for growing employee ownership worldwide. The overarching purpose of the Symposium is to develop ideas and policies for advancing the cause of employee ownership on a global scale.


Oxford Symposium on Employee Ownership

EOF Sponsors Prestigious Oxford Symposium This year the Employee Ownership Foundation stepped onto the international stage as the leading sponsor of the 7th annual Oxford Symposium on Employee Ownership, held at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Attendees explored many topics related to the establishment, operation, sustainability, and expansion of employee-owned firms with a special focus on the emerging UK “Employee Ownership Trust” model and the U.S. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) model.