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From the basics to advanced concepts, these resources will help anyone learn more about implementing employee ownership.

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Basics of Employee Ownership

Perfect for those beginning their investigation of employee ownership, these articles will help you gain a fundamental understanding of key concepts and terms.

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Considering Employee Ownership

Thinking of pursuing employee ownership? These practical resources will get you on the right path for you and your business.

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Implementing Employee Ownership

These resources are designed for those who have an employee owned company and are looking for strategic insights to help maximize its potential.

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Deep Dives Into Employee Ownership

Even the most mature employee owned company will learn something new from these in-depth resources.




The History of Employee Ownership

When newcomers arrive at this site, they are often surprised to find that a thing called employee ownership exists at all. And since it is new to them, they often assume it is…new.

In fact, enabling employees to earn and hold a stake in the company where they work is a central element of the American economy, dating back prior to the founding of the United States.

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