What is ESOPaThon?


What is ESOPaThon?

In conjunction with October’s Employee Ownership Month, and our 30th anniversary, the Employee Ownership Foundation is excited to announce the first annual ESOPaThon. ESOPaThon is a month-long, activity-based, fundraising effort with a goal of raising substantial money to increase the visibility and accessibility of employee ownership in America.

In order to participate, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a fundraising page or make a onetime donation
  2. Pick an activity that suits you, as long as it can be measured in distance, time, or units
  3. Pick a fundraising goal
  4. …and have fun!

It’s that easy! Once you’re all set up feel free to create a team or join an existing one.

The best, and most exciting part of ESOPaThon, is a unique feature that gives you the ability to challenge your peers, other teams, and chapters to fundraise in celebration of employee ownership! Take your challenge to social media – record a short video of you challenging a peer to raise money for the foundation and share it with the hashtags #ESOPaThon and #EOChallenge.

Enrollment will open September 1. Fundraising will begin October 1

Have questions? Email Nicole Reppert: nreppert@esopassociation.org 


Why your participation is so important!

Employee Ownership is THE model for improving worker satisfaction, morale, and retention, for drastically improving corporate performance, and is an invaluable tool for succession planning that keeps America’s companies local.

For the last 30 years, the Employee Ownership Foundation has been supporting the critical research and education which ensures employee ownership is an option for more and more Americans.

ESOPaThon is your opportunity to stand with your peers and support employee ownership. When you participate in ESOPaThon, the funds you raise fuel the mission of the Employee Ownership Foundation and help expand access to employee ownership. We’re sure you would all agree, every American deserves the option to be an employee owner!