Edmunson Scholarship Award Recipients

2023 Awardees

Chris Hourcle and Steve Veatch
Artist & Craftsman Supply

Joseph Marshall
Bowers + Kubota Consulting, Inc.

Christine Gorey and Stephen Roberts
Columbia Chemical

Sean Jones and Jacob Holden
Freedom Industries

Kate Schafer
Intervene, Inc.

Alicia Gallo and Daniel Casatelli

Catherine Gagne
Nobis Group

Megan Moore and Corey Scruggs
PeopleTec, Inc.

Emily Burds
Rayser Holding

Calvin Morin and Seth Sarmanian
Steel-Pro, Inc.


2022 Awardees

David Waltmon
Cisco-Eagle, Inc.

Monique Benoit and Channy Eang
Dale Medical Products, Inc. 

Annemarie Johansen and Mayet Peterson
Diversified Plastics, Inc. 

Theresa Roque and Shawn Frey
HdL Companies 

Lisa Foscone and Randor Skinner
Fontana Lithograph, Inc. DBA MOSAIC 

Donna Caufield and Van Noorden
Imtra Corporation 

Sherry McCall
InSource Solutions 

Suzie Leisure
Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc. 

Kimberly Bowen
R.C. Moore, Inc. 

Mallory Fischer
VHV Company 


2021 Awardees

Stuart Yasunaga
American Floor & Home

Emily Schamber and Hannah Masters
Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest

Jodi Holland
DVL Group

Kassidy Horack and Teresa Schmitz
Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly

Brandon Gallion and Keri Crispy
Freedom Industries Inc.

Heidi Reeves and Lydia Arevalo
Giroux Glass, Inc.

Dan McCarthy and Tess Jacquez
ReVision Energy

Shawn Newton and Madeline Harvey
Sargent Corporation

Danielle White and Jared Davidson
Syracuse Label & Surround Printing

Yasmin Jimenez and Emily Morris
Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.