Apply for Grants & Funding


All applications for funding will be reviewed by the staff of the Employee Ownership Foundation and you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application. Incomplete or off topic applications will be discarded. Priority will be given to requests that demonstrate the greatest possible value to the employee ownership community and fit within the priorities of the Foundation as determined by the Board of Trustees and Officers.

The Foundation receives more applications than it has resources to fund. Each year the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees establishes a budget and programmatic priorities. Applications that exceed those budgets, fall outside of the programmatic priorities, or fail to demonstrate value to the employee ownership community will not be funded.

Submitted applications become the property of the Foundation and any materials, documents, or other collateral such as video presentation, photography, or similar will not be returned by the Foundation.


Grant Or Project Proposal and Relevant Files

Please note, grant or project proposals must include the following information in order to be considered:

  • Project Objective
  • Anticipated Value to the Employee Ownership Community (How will the findings from this project help employee owned businesses, employee owners, policy makers, think tanks, or the media, for example?)
  • Proposed Methodology
  • Requested Grant Amount
  • Other Funding (Do you have other funding in hand for this project? Is this project dependent on obtaining other funding? We kindly ask that all applicants disclose current project funding at the time of proposal.)