Employee Ownership Foundation

Charting Your Own Future

"We understand that a well managed employee-owned company is not a destination, it is a journey..."

- J. Michael Keeling,
President of The ESOP Association


About Us

Employee ownership improves our competitiveness, our productivity and our free enterprise system. Employee ownership should be a key economic force in America. The Employee Ownership Foundation's (EOF) primary purpose is to support programs that will increase the level of awareness and appreciation of the benefits of employee ownership and increase the number of employees who have access to this benefit.

Decision-making and Goal Setting:
The primary decisions of the Foundation are made by the Executive Committee (“EC”) of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The members of the Executive Committee are

Chair Mark Lomele, Carey Chen, Lynn DuBois, David Fitz‑Gerald, Ali Jamshidi, Missy Pieske, Cindy Turcot, and Derrick Vick.

The Foundation also has a Board of Trustees (pdf) which develops the Foundation’s annual goals, develops and recommends projects, and takes a lead in fundraising activities.

The Foundation is classified as an “affiliated” foundation of The ESOP Association and is classified as a public foundation under section 509 (a) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Employee Ownership Foundation By-laws (pdf)


Download the Employee Ownership Foundation Brochure (pdf)